Scripture and Science: A Profound Connection Revealed Through Time

"If religious scriptures have advanced scientific knowledge, why isn't there USEABLE knowledge like antibiotics, insulin, jet engines etc?" by Doc Firstly, we need to look at the context in which it was revealed, the state of society, and civilization at that time. These scripture (Al-Quran) are not all about science. If they were to talk...

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Do we need to worry about our deeds not being accepted?

1. In our daily lives as Muslims, we must engage in various acts of worship as a sign of our desire to draw closer to Allah and as an expression of gratitude, as being obedient to Allah's commands is a way of showing thankfulness. 2. However, have you ever wondered or questioned whether the worship we perform is accepted or not? Do we ever ponder i...

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Islam and belief in Jesus

Status of the Prophet Isa/Jesus in IslamIn Islam, Prophet Isa is highly respected as one of the important prophets and messengers of Allah. He is not God or the Son of God, but rather a human being entrusted with a special mission by Allah to convey messages and revelations to humanity. Not believing in him means that a person's faith as a Muslim i...

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What other path would you take?

Seeking the Balance: Navigating Worldly Pursuits and Spiritual Commitments, Guide from Al-Quran "Man is only between two things; if not occupied with religion, then occupied with worldly matters". This busyness ultimately makes us tired. Being busy with the world will lead to exhaustion, and being busy with the hereafter will also result in fatigue...

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The Story of Prophet Adam and Iblis: A Mistakes and Obedience

In the beautiful heaven, Prophet Adam was honored by God by being placed in paradise. However, he was given one command: do not approach a particular tree. God's decree: "And We said, 'O Adam, dwell, you and your wife, in Paradise and eat therefrom in [ease and] abundance from wherever you will. But do not approach this tree, lest you be among the ...

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The Miraculous Ants and the Divine Revelation to Prophet Muhammad

The Divine Revelation and the Wisdom of Nature's Miracles When we observe the lives of ants, we encounter fascinating phenomena that have been studied by researchers for centuries. One significant discovery is the role of ant queens or queen ants within ant colonies. In 1781, a biologist named Pierre André Latreille discovered that within ant colon...

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Uninspiring Death

No one likes to talk about death. It is a sad and terrifying matter for everyone because we will leave behind everything we hold dear. Our mothers, fathers, siblings, luxurious houses and cars, children, successful careers, and much more. The Prophet said it is something that "terminates all pleasures." Once, during a reminder session, I asked my f...

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